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What We Stand For
A leader in full-service staffing, uniquely empowering Stockholm's HORECA sector with excellence and a passion for service.
Our Commitment
Our commitment combines innovation and best practices in staffing, focusing on efficiency and sustainable methods that align with our clients' values.
Our Goal
Aiming to be the cornerstone of exceptional HORECA service, where every guest feels valued and every experience is unforgettable.
Our Mission
Elevating the industry by nurturing hospitality as a calling and passion, through bespoke training that exceeds expectations and crafts memorable experiences.
Believing in the power of partnership, we craft bespoke staffing solutions with our network of hospitality teams to realize our clients' unique visions and successes.

Our Organization

Leif Werling


CEO (Chief Executive Officer)


+4670-090 27 34

Peter Molin


COO – (Chief Operating Officer)


+4670-090 27 33

Stellan Werling

Chairman of the Board


Our Story

The Pineapple Legacy

The journey to understand the roots of hospitality led us not to the vast, digital archives of the internet but to a place rich in history and wisdom—the Stockholm City Library. It was here, among the silent whispers of centuries past, that we unearthed the true essence of hospitality, intertwined with the intriguing tale of the pineapple.

The pineapple has long been a symbol of warmth, welcome, and hospitality. Legend has it that a home displaying a pineapple through its window is one filled with friendliness and an open heart.

While there's truth to this, the full story is even more captivating. The narrative takes us back to ancient adventurers from the Caribbean, home to the world's finest pineapples. These skilled tradesmen embarked on global voyages, not just in search of new skills and trade but also to share their knowledge and culture. With them, they carried pineapples, a rarity and a prized token of goodwill, to present to their hosts in uncharted lands.

This gesture was more than an act of kindness; it was an exchange of value, knowledge, and respect—a true embodiment of a win-win relationship.

These globe-trotting pioneers were affectionately known as the "Pineapple People," heralding the dawn of the win-win philosophy and weaving the first threads of the rich tapestry that is the history of hospitality. Inspired by this legacy, we named our company Pineapple People to honor the spirit of mutual benefit, warmth, and the deep-seated tradition of hospitality that the pineapple represents.

Our mission mirrors that of the ancient Pineapple People: to bring together individuals and organizations in a harmonious exchange of services, values, and mutual respect.

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