Where do you find out about the beginning of hospitality? Wikipedia is a great start, but there are better places, places that are older and have more history, and where fake news is not as common. The Stockholm City Library is where we went to research the essence of where hospitality started. There we found out the truth about hospitality, the pineapple, and the birth of hospitality.

Pineapples and hospitality have long had a strong and intimate connection. It has been speculated that “where there is a pineapple visible through a window or on top of a home, there also lies warm and friendly folk that will take you in.” Although there is some truth in this, this is not the whole story.

Ancient skilled tradesmen adventurers from the Carabeen–where the best pineapples grow–traveled the world to find new skills, trade, and learn more about the world. They always brought pineapples–rare in other parts of the world–as a gift of kindness and respect to their new and unaware and sometimes skeptical hosts. Their desire was always to bring something to their hosts, a new skill, a trade, or knowledge in exchange for the same. They always brought something to the table whilst receiving something as well.

These adventurers were quickly named Pineapple People, the original inventors of win-win, adding value and the origin of the pineapple and hospitality saga.

We loved this idea and immediately saw ourselves in them, we aspire to be Pineapple People, bringing skill, adding value, and always seeking the win-win.